Media engagement for ECRs with Gemma Perry

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When: Wednesday 1 June 4 pm AEST

Summary: This media skills session is designed to prepare early career researchers for sharing research with a wide audience. We will discuss communication skills for a range of different media including television, radio, podcasts, and print. You will develop an understanding of the science media processes and requirements of different broadcast media. Topics covered will include preparing for an interview, managing presentation anxiety, finding your authentic voice, staying on topic, and handling difficult questions. Drawing on personal experience with media, Gemma will share techniques to make the process as smooth as possible so you can share your research with confidence and authenticity to a wide audience.

Our presenter: Gemma Perry investigates the effects of chanting meditation on emotional and cognitive processes. Her interests are primarily in how the chanting of specific sounds can decrease psychological and physiological stress, increase social connection, and ultimately expand states of awareness. Gemma is regularly interviewed by the media including for ABC News, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Catalyst, 2GB and ABC Science as well as Australian Yoga Life Magazine and Yoga Today. She has also presented workshops on the benefits of yoga and meditation for mental health for a variety of community groups and schools, as well as corporations.

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