Welcome to the Australian Music & Psychology Society

A society for the discussion of research that reflects the intersection of psychology & music

The goal of the Australian Music and Psychology Society (AMPS) is to stimulate discussion and scholarly research on music and psychology in Australia.


AMPS has grown steadily in its membership since its formation in 1996. It now represents the national body of researchers in this field, and is a member of the Asia-Pacific Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (APSCOM). Along with sister organisations in the Asia-Pacific region (APSCOM), the United States (SMPC) and Europe (ESCOM), AMPS represents our community and Australian research on the international stage, primarily through the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC).

  • Discuss research through node-based events
  • Attend our biennial conference
  • Our meetings and conferences feature local and overseas presenters addressing a variety of topics

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Executive Committee

Jane W. Davidson (The University of Melbourne, VIC)


Jon Prince (Murdoch University, WA)


Amanda Krause (James Cook University, QLD)

Ordinary members

Kate Stevens (Western Sydney University, NSW)
Emery Schubert (University of New South Wales, NSW)
Mary Broughton (The University of Queensland, QLD)
Helen Farrell (The University of Melbourne, VIC)
Genevieve Dingle (The University of Queensland, QLD)
Kristal Spreadborough (The University of Melbourne, VIC)
Riza Veloso (University of New South Wales, NSW)
Eline Smit (Western Sydney University, NSW)

Latest Updates

PhD Research Opportunity

Department of Medicine (Austin Health) Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Supervisors: A/Prof. Michael Hildebrand (DoM, Austin), Prof. Sarah Wilson (MSPS), Prof. Gary McPherson (MCM); Prof. Samuel Berkovic (DoM, Austin) Music...

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