The 2022 AMPS conference will begin with an informal co-design session where all AMPS members will have the opportunity to shape AMPS’ ECR development program for 2023. After a successful inaugural offering of “AMPlify Your Research 2022”, we are keen to co-design 2023 ECR activities with all of our stakeholders, including ECR members.
In addition to discussing the next AMPlify 2023 series (and seeking feedback on topics and presenters), we are hoping to get input at the session about a new mentoring/coaching scheme for ECRs/HDRs (e.g. format, frequency, horizontal / vertical mentoring, formal/informal sessions, group or one on one, how to best recruit and match mentors and mentees).
During this conference session we will use MentiMeter to collect and collate feedback. We are excited to develop the 2023 ECR program with AMPS members and look forward to releasing details later in the year.