Wednesday 9 August 4 – 5 pm AEST via zoom

Tips on grant writing and project management for ECRs

One of the most valued research achievements in the university sector is your ability to bring in research funding. Persuading grant organisations to give their / taxpayer’s funds to your project is a skill that takes a lot of practice. In this webinar, I will share what I’ve learned over 15 years of applying and encourage others to share their top tips too. Whether you get funding or are relying on in-kind support and keen students to run your research, you will need to manage the project. So, we will take a quick look at the flow of project management tasks too. 

Genevieve Dingle 

Genevieve is a Professor and Director of Clinical Psychology programs at the University of QLD. She conducts research on social factors in mental health and wellbeing, such as social prescribing to ommunity social programs as a response to loneliness and mental ill health. Genevieve is particularly interested in how engagement in music programs such as choirs influences social connectedness and mental health of singers, caregivers and volunteers. Genevieve has been awarded 24 grants worth a total of $2.525 Million and was the lead on 14 of these. She was awarded the Mid-Career Research Excellence Award from the Australian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in 2021.


Watch the presentation here.