Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to the ICMPC business meeting that will take place 21 February 2024 at noon – 12.00 UTC (UK time). The meeting will take place via Zoom

Agenda for the meeting: 


1) welcome to the new committee and thanks to people who have stepped down, arrangements for the meeting 


2) Presentation and Q&A on the plans for ICMPC 2025 organised by Patricia Vanzella and colleagues, Universidade Federal do ABC, São Paulo, Brazil 


3) Report from ICMPC 2023 in Tokyo, Japan


4) Proposal for edits to guidelines


5) Any  other business 

6) Next meeting and meeting closure

The business meeting is open to all researchers of the ICMPC community, meaning researchers working in the area of music cognition and who have attended ICMPC in past, or are intending or hoping to attend ICMPC in the future. We encourage all relevant researchers to attend, and encourage in particular members of APSCOM, ESCOM and SMPC to attend, representing participating societies.

The main purpose is to present the plans for the next ICMPC in Summer 2025 and address any questions related to the upcoming conference. We also would like to discuss some of the plans going forward in relation to the ICMPC conference guidelines. 

Yours sincerely, on behalf of the ICMPC executive committee

Renee Timmers (Chair) 

University of Sheffield, UK, 

Past president of ESCOM and former ICMPC organiser