This webinar presents the work of researchers from three Australian universities, exploring multiple aspects of singing for Acquired Brain Injuries and neurological conditions, including:

  • The effects of the various injuries on the brain
  • The role of singing in improving quality of life, alleviating symptoms and bypassing damaged areas
  • The benefits of group singing for carers of those with ABIs (including Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Dementia and Parkinson’s)
  • The role of the facilitator in group singing for people with ABI

The webinar will take place on February 29th, 9:30-11:00 UTC

The panel:

  • Dr Melissa Forbes – Associate Professor (Contemporary Singing-Music) at The University of Southern Queensland
  • Dr Penelope Monroe – Senior Speech Pathologist and Research Associate with FRONTIER, Frontotemporal Dementia Research Group, at The University of Sydney
  • Dr Jeanette Tamplin – Associate Professor (Music Therapy) at The University of Melbourne

Further information and booking details can be found on the Singing for Health Network website