This seminar is held my the Melbourne Data Analytics Platform, University of Melbourne.

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Professor Richard Freedman, John C. Whitehead 1943 Professor of Humanities; Chair, Department of Music, Haverford College, USA

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Tuesday 23 November, 2021



What is similarity in music? How can digital tools help us to understand the relatedness of works and styles? Borrowing, allusion and similarity have always been a part of musical expression, and thus are of intrinsic interest to musicians interested in any of a wide range of styles and composers, from Handel to Stravinsky, and from layered medieval motets to film music. And yet the challenges of citing, sharing and discussing such connections have always been conditioned by the limits of traditional print publication and the graphical conventions upon which it depends. During this interactive presentation, we’ll explore some of the concepts, practices and challenges of modeling the quotable musical text in the digital domain, and how new tools for encoding, addressing and annotating music invite us to think across the disciplines (from musicology to data science) to map musical patterns both in their details and on a massive scale.

Mapping music: Digital tools and collaborative communities