AMPS2022 keynote will be delivered by Dr Margaret Osborne, Senior Lecturer In Psychology And Music, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences. Dr Osborne will speak on the topic of “New directions in music performance science”.

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About Dr Margaret Osborne: Margaret holds an interdisciplinary appointment with both the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences and the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Her desire to support the mental and physical health needs of artists to achieve optimal performance and sustainable careers has seen her develop new curricula in performance psychology, serve as an Associate Editor for Frontiers in Psychology Performance Science, past-President of the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare, and maintain a consulting psychology practice.

She is notable for research in music performance anxiety. Margaret seeks to understand how learning and performance can be improved using self-regulated learning and emotion regulation skills, elucidating best-practice methods to build confidence, health and resilience in order to maximise performance potential in music and other performing arts, sports, public speaking and academic disciplines.
Key research questions:

  • How can performance psychology support the optimal training and execution of performance skills?
  • How can we improve the health and well-being of musicians?
  • How can we integrate theoretical and therapeutic research to address debilitating anxiety and maximise performance potential?