When: Wednesday 5 April 4pm AEST via Zoom

This our second session for 2023 designed to support HDRs and ECRs to navigate their careers in music psychology.


When is the right time to be thinking about publishing your work? How to select the most relevant journal? Are there other publication formats to consider? What are the steps in the journal publication process? What are common (fixable) challenges that Editors see with new manuscript submissions? What are some of the current trends in academic publishing?

In this presentation, I’ll aim to demystify the academic publishing process by addressing these questions and drawing out some top tips for new academic authors. There will be plenty of time for questions with questions and comments welcome throughout. 

Kate Stevens Portrait – Director MARCS Research

Our presenter

Professor Kate Stevens, a cognitive scientist, is Director of MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour & Development at Western Sydney University. Kate conducts basic and applied research into the learning, perception, creation, and cognition of complex sequences and actions. The MARCS Institute investigates humans interacting with each other, their environment, and with technology. Kate is author of more than 200 peer-reviewed papers, Editor-in-Chief, Music Perception (University of California Press), Professor in Psychology, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of New South Wales.